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  • vaastu astrology Palmistry vastu consultant delhi
  • vaastu astrology Palmistry vastu consultant delhi
  • vaastu astrology Palmistry vastu consultant delhi
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Vastu for Study Room

Study rooms built according to Vastu Shastra enhance concentration and stamina in children, in turn giving them the much needed boost to do well academically. This section lists some Vastu tips and advice for a study room.

A study room must always be located in the East, North or Northeast of a house. Besides, it’s best to have a pyramid shaped room as the Shastra’s deem it to be extremely auspicious

Colors For Study Room
» Green
» Lightgreen
» Blue
» Cream
» White
» Essentially, all neutral shades are auspicious for the study room. However, you must avoid the usage of darker tones (especially, black is a complete ‘no-no’). Also, read through our vastu colors for home section for more information.
Lights For Study Room
The study room should always be well lit and must have outlets in the form of windows to bring in sunlight. A table lamp is also necessary in the study to enhance the concentration of a child. Do not forget to place pictures of Goddess Saraswati and Lord Ganesha in the room.
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