• vaastu astrology Palmistry vastu consultant delhi
  • vaastu astrology Palmistry vastu consultant delhi
  • vaastu astrology Palmistry vastu consultant delhi
  • vaastu astrology Palmistry vastu consultant delhi
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Vastu For Hospitals

People enter a hospital with the expectations that they will return home healthy by recovering from serious ailments. By applying Vaastu, especially to hospitals, we can achieve good results.Positive energy and careful planning according to Vaastu goes a long way in building reputation for the hospital. Vaastu can help the patients in fast recovery, completion of operations successfully and a positive atmosphere in hospitals.

Nowadays mostly people are well red and believe in Vaastu Science, so if a hospital is Vaastu compliant, it can enhance people’s trust in the hospital authorities. Various factors have to be considered while constructing a hospital Vaastuwise for eg., the location of hospital, exteriors of hospitals, operation theater’s location, emergency ward location, patient’s room direction, placement of beds etc. Some of the most important tips to be observed for hospitals to be successful and meet patent’s expectations are given in this article.

vaastu astrology vastu consultant delhiAstrology is pretty old. According to it, the year of birth does not only tell only your age but also indicates a certain phase or aspect of sixty year circle of time.
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Lal Kitab
Lal Kitab vastu consultant delhiLal Kitab or Red Book is known as the wonder book of Indian astrology, Lal Kitab was written in  ancient Urdu language without the element of punctuation and sounds.
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Freng Shui
Freng-ShuiThe Five Elements Theory of Feng Shui mechanisms, the rules and remedies of this are also greatly influenced by the Theory of the Five Elements.The Chinese believe the interactions of these five elements - earth, wood, fire, metal and water.
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Gem Therapy
gem-threapyThe science of use of astrology gems and stones for medicinal and astrological purposes is known as Gem Stone Therapy.According to Varahamihir, the author of the classical text Brihat Samhita, a gem having a good luster.
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Pyramid Vastu
gemstones astrology vaastuPyramid is a Greek word consisted by two words 'PYRA'+ 'MID' where the term pyra means and Mid means Center Core.Hence it is said that an Object which contains Fire
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